Services & Investment

My commitment to you is to see you.  I will not start any of our sessions trying to fix you or diagnose you.  You yourself are whole, complete, and ready to heal yourself. 

I am here to guide you on that journey.  

I can and I want to help you in many areas of your life, with a great amount of experience in Anxiety, Addictions, ADHD and Interpersonal relationships. 

Take the first step: email me today. 

Treatment Approaches:

These are some tools I will use to help you, tools that align with my beliefs and have been successful methods with my past clients.  Want to learn more?  I encourage you to click on any of the treatments listed below for an article of information relating to that specific therapy or practice.  

·  Trauma-Informed Therapy

·  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

·  Dialectical Therapy

·  Satir Family Therapy

·  Narrative Therapy

·  Cognitive Processing Therapy

·  Attachment Therapy

·  Mindfulness Practices

·  EMDR Treatment

Contact me to see how I can help you with your unique experiences in life.  Email: 



$170 (HST included) per 55 minute session Book Now


(90 & 120 minute sessions available)


$145 (HST included) per 55 minute session Book Now


(90 & 120 minute sessions available)

Phone numbers for emergency and crisis


Suicide hotline across Canada


Connex Ontario, for Ontario residents in distress: Learn more


Bilingual Toll Free: Crisis Services Canada Local Resources & Support: Crisis Line

(416) 408-4357 

Survivor Support Program Distress Centres of Greater Toronto Area: Learn more


York Support Services Network Community Crisis Response Service: Learn more

Free Online Therapy Support

DCO Ontario has support and live chat: Learn more

Anxiety Canada offers online support programs: Learn more

Mindbeacon is a free online support program: Learn more

Big White Wall: Learn more

Ability CBT for free to all their residents age 16 or older for the anxiety, depression, and anxiety related to a pandemic programs: Learn more

WES for Youth Online Emotional Support for Youth Online (therapy): Learn more

Programs for Trauma & Substance Use

Good Shepherd Centers: Learn more

Breaking Free Online: Learn more